What is Filecoin Discover?

Filecoin Discover is a project to help support the storage of open source datasets on the Filecoin Network. Our aim is for Filecoin to become a resilient home for humanity’s most important information - and so we’ve created this program to help incentivize miners to support that mission.

Shortly after mainnet, we’ll be launching a portal for all the datasets that have been stored through this Filecoin Discover program - where they’ll be openly available for anyone to access.

Why are you charging for drives?

Our aim is to provide miners with the opportunity to store important datasets at a massive scale. Unfortunately, without devices like an open source equivalent of an AWS Snowball, it's not feasible to transmit petabytes of data around the world.

While we’re shouldering the cost for data acquisition, processing, and development - we’re seeking miners to cover just the actual cost of drives and the shipment to ensure that non-miners don’t abuse this program in order to obtain discounted drives.

Where we can pass on savings (such as optimized packaging for bulk orders), we can and will.

We are not selling the data on the drives or profiting from this; we are only asking for reimbursement of the actual cost of the drives. 

Are customs fees and import duties included in the price?

Import duties are not included in the reimbursement cost of the drives. You will need to pay your own customs fees and import duties, if applicable.

In some countries, you may need to either provide a business license to the governing authority or work with an agency to import deliveries over a certain threshold in order to take delivery.


What sort of drives will I be receiving in the purchase? 

We will only be shipping new 8TB 3.5" HDDs with SATA connections preloaded with the data of your choice. Pending feedback, we may expand into supporting additional form factors (such as 16TB drives). If you have further questions about the specific drives being used, please reach out in the Filecoin Discover Slack channel (#fil-discover-support).

How do I know that I’m receiving data that’s safe for me to store?

While we’ve done our best to source open source data sets, it is the responsibility of miners to review the potential datasets that they might receive within any given category and make a determination for themselves on which data they are able to store in their jurisdiction.

Why is my shipping taking so long?

For some international shipments, there may be specific requirements for customs which will impact the speed at which you will receive drives.

You should receive a tracking number that will enable you to check the status of your shipment as well as reach out to the shipping provider if you have any questions. 

Please note: Especially clearing customs there is a high probability UPS will need to get in contact with you. Please make sure you list a valid phone number so they can work with you to ensure a timely delivery. If your drive(s) are abandoned in customs, we will only be able to issue a partial refund (excluding the price of shipping), once the drives are received by us. 

My drive arrived broken, what do I do?

If you’d like to ship the drive back to us, we can send you another one free of charge. Please reach out to discover-support@protocol.ai or ask for a private chat in our Slack channel, #fil-discover-support.

How do I register my drives for Filecoin Discover? 

Once you receive your drives, you'll receive an email with instructions on the information you'll need to register your drives. Please note that the registration process also is how you are added to the queue for actually triggering the deals on your drive. 

Can I test setting up a deal during Testnet? 

Yes! When you register your drives, you'll be adding yourself to the queue of test deals that we will be triggering during the course of Testnet Phase 2. Please reach out in our slack channel if you have specific questions!

How do I set up my deal after Mainnet launches?

After mainnet launch, we will begin triggering deals with miners (spinning up our own clients) to try and maximize the number of deals we can push through at a given point. If you've already registered your drives prior to mainnet, you'll automatically be added to the queue for our Client node to begin making deals.

Each of these deals will be for a portion of the data on your drive, totaling to the amount advertised on the Filecoin Discover store. We spin deals up in this way to minimize the risk of a partial drive failure negating the entire drive from spinning up contracts. 

In the event one of the deals fails, we will be able to re-trigger that individual deal after the fact.

Note: Depending on the volume of pre-orders the actual deal may take some time to actually begin. 

How long are these Filecoin contracts for? 

The contracts will be timed for a year in duration - the start date being when the deal is initiated post mainnet launch.

How can I have my other questions answered?

If you have unanswered questions, please reach out to us in the Filecoin Discover Slack room (#fil-discover-support) so we can address any questions or concerns before you make a purchase